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Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
Hey your entitle to believe Manning capable of doing that, at 36 years of age with four neck surgeries . ( Didn't play in one game in 2011) Playing in a new offense, less talent at the skill position than he use to playing with, and every time he drops back to throw -someone will make sure they get a hit on him. ( see Aikman and B Favre) Eventually that going to take its toll.

JMO It will be a great year for Broncos if they win 8 games in 2012. DJ Williams and Dumberville(probably facing a suspension) missing some games. isn't going to hurt the defense.
The factor you are not accounting for is the hurry up at altitude. There is no way you can prepare within the week for the altitude let alone one that is running in hurry up mode. This could be the one piece of the Manning offense many are underestimating

We shall see
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