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Originally Posted by Mightysmurf View Post
Logical fallacy much? The Broncos and the Colts both did not have Manning last year. The Broncos went to the second round of the playoffs. The Colts got the 1st pick in the draft. Now the Broncos have Manning.

Also, work on your subject-verb agreement a little bit, dude. I'm sure most 3rd graders could conclude that the loss of two good players would, in fact, hurt a defense.
The Broncos were lucky that both the Chiefs and Raiders had injuries last year, and the Broncos got every kind of Break( Dolphin, Jet , Bears etc) You really think you get those kind of breaks every year.

Here is the clincher with all that you still only finished 8-8.
Peyton Manning isn't improving the WR, the RB, or the Oline that gave up 42 sacks in a team that was all run.
Again only team that should be any competition for the Raiders is the chiefs.(two team race for the division).

BTw The funniest part the Bronco fans think they have a good defense. It's garbage. The Raiders offense put up over 400 yards on that tough defense(cough cough). That was with a QB just off his couch, didn't know the offense, the plays , and didn't have any timing down with his wr corps..

Now imagine what a guy who more comfortable with the offense and his wr corp can do. Yea that Bronco defense scares me- not.

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