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Von Miller

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
SO you'd rather play the first teams every year opposed to the last place teams?

Do you think that we got everyone's A game last year or that some of those teams looked past us because we had a joke for a QB..

Note we won some of those games BUT when the league figured out how to beat Tebow we lost the last games of the year..

Sorry but if you are a good team other teams get up to play you.. When you are bad team many are going through the motions and looking at their division game the next week or are coming off a big win..

Say what you will but our team over the past decade have lost loads of "trap games" that we should have beat the socks off of them but we were not mentally tough and ready to play them..

I believe sincerely that this coming schedule is infinitely tougher than the one we played last year..

and folks EVERYONE is going to get up to play Manning..EVERYONE..

The Steelers are going to be loaded for bear since we beat them on a fluke play. L

Falcons are damned good team and we play on the east coast something this team has not done well in the past.. L

Texans this one is a toss-up but I'll give it to them because they have loads of talent and really good coaching..Many of which would love to come back to DEN and beat us.. L

Raiders should be a mess..But then they seem to be able to play above their heads in DEN and if mc Fadden is still playing well it may be a long day for our D..W

@ NE enough said..L

@ SAN this one could go either way.. But I'm betting a spilt of AFCW games..L

after the Bye Manning and his skill folks may have their timing and nods and winks down better than the first few games..

Saints hard to keep up with that scoring machine.. L

@CIN a very good up and coming team.W

@Panthers W


@Chefs cassell may be in tune by this week and playing in KC is always tough. L

Bucs W


@ BAL could be a great game.. but an East coast game, so we always struggle. L

Browns W

Chefs W

That is how I see it right now..

might change my mind after seeing some Preseason games, but if we lose any of the starters we could be screwed..
Only team in the division I think we split with is KC...I don't think Pitt is as good as they have been in the past. I could see them missing the playoffs. I think Atlanta is overrated. Saints are a mess with a different head coach with players and coaches suspended all over the place. I see our loses to Texans, Pats, Cinci, Panthers, KC, and Baltimore.
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