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Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
Hey your entitle to believe Manning capable of doing that, at 36 years of age with four neck surgeries . ( Didn't play in one game in 2011) Playing in a new offense, less talent at the skill position than he use to playing with, and every time he drops back to throw -someone will make sure they get a hit on him. ( see Aikman and B Favre) Eventually that going to take its toll.

JMO It will be a great year for Broncos if they win 8 games in 2012. DJ Williams and Dumberville(probably facing a suspension) missing some games. isn't going to hurt the defense.
The charges look likely to be completely dismissed on Doom. At that point there is no cause for a suspension. He likely won't miss a game of pre-season, let alone a regular season game.

DJ is solid but unspectacular. He isn't a major loss in any way.

As for Manning's weapons:
In 2010 the Colts were an elite offense and made it to the Super Bowl. Manning relied heavily on an aging Wayne, two guys everyone agrees lived off of Manning's ability to coach them up (Garcon and Collie), and after losing Dallas Clark early in the season Jacob Tamme emerged as a major target at the TE position. The loss of Clark took away the versatility of his 12 personnel sets as well, Manning's favorite base to work out of. His running backs were the elite tandem of Addai and Brown.

Now in Denver he's got the TE he did so well with in 2010 (Tamme) along with a far better #2 (Dreeeeessssseeeeen), and a #3 who has real receiving potential (Julius Thomas). Better TE corps all around than what he actually played within 2010.

At WR both Decker and Thomas are more talented than Garcon or Collie. One of them needs to step up and be the reliable weapon that Reggie Wayne has been for Manning, but from a raw tools standpoint Decker is a great comp (excellent short range quickness, tight routes, works great in the short to intermediate area) not to mention bigger and stronger. Thomas gives Manning the first truly elite speed threat he's had since Harrison got done, while Thomas is also another bigger, stronger option than what Manning has ever had before.

At RB the Broncos have McGahee, a far more proven and consistent runner than anyone Manning had in Indy since James left. Behind him is Moreno who when healthy had a first two years every bit the equal of Addai's first two, in a far worse offense in nearly every way. Then after that is Ronnie Hillman who has real X factor potential at the RB spot, giving far better depth than Indy ever offered Manning.

The OL is obviously better at every position except C over what Manning played with in 2010. The OL is also young and improving year to year even without Manning.

Also, Manning isn't changing offenses, he's bringing his offense with him, while Fox and Magazu keep the power running game they built for 12 personnel as the season went on in tact.

As for overall team talent, I'd put the Broncos roster up against anyone's in the division. There are a lot of talented players on this roster, and Denver clearly has the divisional market on playmakers on either side of the ball cornered.
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