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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Clearly, you're right. I blew that one, messing up my years. That does go against the "lesser QBs than Cutler were what made him look bad" argument that Bacchus or somebody was mentioning earlier.....since 2009 was largely behind Mr Immobile himself.
Exactly. The turning point in Clady's career is his knee injury. I'm sure the OL turnover in that time didn't help any either, but it's obvious his single biggest problem was the knee injury and his inability to get back to 100% the last two seasons.

Now maybe this is his new baseline and he'll never get back to 100%, but we can't really assume that since he rushed back in '10 and then didn't even get a real off-season of conditioning to properly rehab the knee in '11.

If the organization thinks he's worth extending it's because they think the knee will finally be 100% again this season and that will allow him to re-establish himself as a top 5 LT. This is very possible.

So if that is likely to happen then the goal should be to get him on a more reasonable contract sooner, before his value skyrockets.
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