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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I disagree on Romeo. I think the players will play hard for him since he isn't Todd Haley at first, but when the Crenelling sets in, they will come up short. Romeo is a coordinator.

I do agree that the Chargers have really fallen off. AJ Smith hit on some really good picks a few years ago in Brees, LT, Merriman and Sproles. I don't give him credit for Rivers since he was the boobie prize. All of those guys are gone except Rivers. Meachem and Royal? Please.
I know that he had a problem in his last HC job, thinking like mikey he would have learned from that..

But there is little doubt that their D will be the best in the division.. BAsed on talent and his ability to think D..

Whether the Offense gets it together now that is another story.. But the tools are there, perhaps not a great QB, but we all know that a great D can keep you in alot of games and win a few for you.. hell maybe enven get you and Ring alla BAL and CHI, with less than great QB's..

As for SAN I'll bet that Eddie has great games against us.. something about having a woodie for another team and having some talent to make things happen..
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