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Broncos 10-6
Chargers 8-8
Chiefs 7-9
Raiders 6-10

The division starts with Peyton. Assuming hes healthy for 2012 season, hes hands down the best player at the most critical position in the divsion. Unless, the defense takes major steps backwards next season, the Broncos are clearly the team to beat. Thomas and Decker need to stay healthy, Thomas especially. McGahee is getting old, but he still has juice left in the tank. Tamme and Dressen compliment each other very well. The offensive line is young, but talented. Walton and Beadles have yet to prove themselves in pass protection, so there is a potential weakness there. On defense, the Broncos have the best edge rushers in the AFC West and Champ. DT, Saftey is still a lingering issue, and they will most likely be the Broncos biggest weakness next season. 10-6

The Chargers struggled protecting Rivers (injuries were the main reason) and didnt generate a good pass rush last season, but they still have a lot of talent on both sides. Matthews is emerging and the running game should be very good. They lost VJax, but landing Meachem and Royal could be enough to solidfy them as again a top 10 offense. Defensively, the Chargers need to get after the QB better, and they drafted Ingram to help out. They will most likely have a better defense than last year, should be a good team. 8-8

The Chiefs are a very talented team, except at Qb. That will be their biggest hurrdle to overcome next season, along with key players Berry, Charles, Moeaki staying healthy. Adding Winston was huge, and their running game should be top notch next season. Defensively, they can get after the Qb with Hali, and Houston emerged late last season. D Johnson is a stud, and Flowers in one of the better CBs in the NFL. The biggest question mark on that side of the ball is whether Poe can step in, or anyone else, and take over the NT role. Its an extremely difficult postion to grasp as a rookie, but god knows the guy has talent. The Chiefs will be very competitve next season, but ultimatley Cassel, and his lack of skills will hold the team back. On the other hand, they have enough talent and coaching to reach the playoffs as wildcard. 7-9

The Raiders have a talented offense and their very much still growing with WRs Heybay, Moore and Ford. DMCs health will always be the biggest issue for the entire team, and its come to a point where he cant be counted on for a full season. TEs are a big unceartainty as well. Barnes is a scub at RT, but they created competion through the draft, and the line has plenty of talent as it is. Palmer is a very good Qb, and if the young WRs can build off last season, they should do very well. Defensively, losing Wimbley is going to hurt because they is no longer consistent edge rusher on the team. But Seymore, Kelly and Houston are very, very good and they should generate a solid interior pressence. The LBs are the weakest unit on the team overall. Bartell and Spencer at CB are not intimadating, and both are possible stop-gaps. Branch and Huff make a good tandem at saftey. I do like Dennis Allen, but hes a young buck with a new team and doesnt have a bunch of talent to work with defensivley. The change in defensive philosophy/players will take time to come together. 6-10
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