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IAnd I really don't understand why people think Routt is the worst CB ever. He struggled with penalties and TD's covering #1 receivers. Carr covered #2 WR's. Of course he looked awesome. Big difference covering elite WR's to covering #2 guys. Now that Routt is back to covering #2 CB's (which he had great success in in 2010), I don't think it's going to be a monumental difference, especially with Berry playing right behind him.
The thing is, Routt wasn't kind of bad, he was the worst CB in the NFL in terms of TDs and penalties. That doesn't happen to great corners and it doesn't happen to good or even mediocre corners, no matter who they're playing against.

To be fair to Routt though, it may have been the system and the coaching. The only CB that managed to do well in the system since Chuck Woodson left is Asomugha, and both are/were Pro Bowl caliber. So at the best Routt suffered from bad coaching and at best he's nowhere near Pro Bowl level, therefore paying him anything more than a little bit over the vet minimum is too much.

Also, most defensive players that started with the Raiders and then leave to go to another team are out of the league within a couple of seasons because they've been ruined/Al made a bad draft pick. Again, Woodson and Asomugah are the exceptions; and it's been shown that Routt is nowhere near the caliber of either of those guys. He'll be mediocre at best for you guys.
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