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Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
The raiders are walking away with the division and would have done so last year if they were healthy last season. With a healthy DMC and C Palmer their isn't a team in the AFc West stopping them. ( what has DMc averaged against the Broncos )

The Raiders without a doubt have the best offense in the division(should be a top five offense) . They have so many explosive weapons on offense. Three Rbs that can score from anywhere whether it a pass or run( DMC, M Goodson and taiwan jones) , the best Wr corp(not single wr but as group) D Moore, Jacoby Ford , DHB and Now Juron Criner blows away what anyone else has in the division. a Fb Marcel reece no one in divison can match. Eeven at Te ( this TE friendly offense) Ausberry 6'4 265 sub 4.5 and D gordon 6'4 265 4.63 are freak athletes. The Raiders at worst have the second best oline and case could be made that it might be the best.

Now defense. Raiders Dline is the best in the division . They have a big advanatge against any team in the division Offense line. (Raiders will know where P Manning is and let bsee if that oline can protect him) How many sacksa did Broncos give up being a predominantly a running team. (now they are going to put more on that Oline)

Raiders always had talent on defense. They had bad schemes. That's not the case anymore. Raiders have a defensive coach now as head coach. With the firepower they have on offense, they just need an average defense next yaer. Easy can get to that level next season. Raiders get higher this team capable as going as far as anyone in Afc.

Raiders have the best kicking game in the division.

The media can hype the Bronco's(this year eagles) or the Chargers(yesterday news) but when its all said and done the AFc west is a two team face between the Raiders and Chiefs.

NO Dj williams first six games and NO Dumberville(probably facing a suspension) and this Bronco team is so overrated.
I love Raiders fans. It's like the word reason isn't in their vocabulary. That said, reading posts by Raiders fans makes me hate teachers unions even more... Anybody who reasons like in this post probably had teachers that didn't care about their education growing up. Raider9175 is a victim, really. A victim of a ****ty education system.

1. The Raiders are the most athletic team in the AFC west... They also have a low football IQ. Jamarcus Russell was a freak athlete. How did that turn out?

2. How do you figure best offense in the division without a consistent QB, no real #1 target and an injury prone RB who is expected to get MORE carries this year?

3. The Raiders dline is third at best behind Denver and KC. There really is no debate here... I'm not going to dignify a retarded statement with a response.

4. Best kicking game in the division? Did you watch any other teams other than the Raiders last year?

Also - new coach with no offensive experience, no high draft picks to work with. Loss of several key pieces... I think 5-11 is being generous with the schedule you have.
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