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Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
1. Stats speak for themselve . That two of three Raiders top wr had better stats than Thomas. Jacoby Ford is way more talented than him too but just missed alot of time in 2011 due to injury.

2 See Decker did he put up numbers better than ewven the rookie D moore. Nope

3. Raiders offense I expect to be in the top five. They have one of the most explosive offenses in the game. Eventually this offense will be number 1. See how many 25 and younger on the whole offense.

4. You do realize Raiders lost their starting QB early in season and they traded for a Qb that literally came off the couch after week 7. That without knowing the offense, The players on it and numerous injuries to that wr corp. Not to meention their Rb that was having a MVP type season. So get a clue.
I just did Broncos and raiders
6 where talking offense . So your point is what again.

7 . Again defense but Raiders safeties are better than BHroncos and it not even close. Tyvon Branch- Profootball focus labeled the best cover safety in the game and M Huff was forced to play more cb than safety in 2011 as Raiders had alot of injuries at Cb.

8 again defense- Yes Bronco have better pass rushers. Now do you have a better pass rush.(more players getting to the Qb) I say Raiders have more scaks than Bronco in 2012.

9. Again tough to say. Raiders and Broncos are going to ask two different things from their Cb's. Bronco have the big name player Champ bailey but evenb 40 years old start to slip at some point.

10 Raiders defense was atrocious last year why they made the coaching change. That was last year

11. Hey genius why didn't you put that after question five that explanation. Not going back
Please teach me to type like you do. Do I just buy a pair of dark tinted homer glasses and then bang my fists against the keyboard?
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