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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
The OL problems were not hidden when we switched to tebow, they were exemplified. We gave up far fewer sacks with orton than tebow, and EVERY bronco fan knows that orton took phantom sacks all the time. Making our OL numbers worse than they were. Our OL is solid aside from beadles and JD- one of both will be replaced this season.

You are right about the way to beat manning, and those two things happen to be KCs specialty right now. It will be a great game against our two teams.

I agree again, that KC has by far the best defense in the division. But, while you do get a great player in berry back you Lost an amazing player in Carr, and replaced him with routte who is terrible. That is a big downgrade. Still your D will be up there with the elite. Its that good.

You also drafted Devon Wylie who could be a great player if he had a QB...And that is where the problem lies as we all know. Cassel. The bigger problem for cassell now is he sucks when under pressure, before he used to be ok with it. Now once the heat is on he folds. Not good at all considering our pass rush and possible bolts pass rush with ingram.

The division will be close but imo we will have had a 2-3 game lead by the end of the race to make it inconsequential.
I think they were hidden far more than Bronco fans realize, simply because they ran the ball far more. I think Orlando Franklin is not a good pass blocking RT. Clady hasn't been the same since his injury and Walton is average at best. I like Kuper though. He's a great player.

And I really don't understand why people think Routt is the worst CB ever. He struggled with penalties and TD's covering #1 receivers. Carr covered #2 WR's. Of course he looked awesome. Big difference covering elite WR's to covering #2 guys. Now that Routt is back to covering #2 CB's (which he had great success in in 2010), I don't think it's going to be a monumental difference, especially with Berry playing right behind him.

I disagree with that Denver will win the division by 3 games. I think it will be closer. 1 or 2 games kinda close.
I think there's a good chance Denver could be 4-4 at the midpoint just because of the adjustments and tough schedule.
The first 8 teams are a combined 85-45 from last year and only one of those teams (Raiders) looks like they will take a big step back from last season.

The fact that a lot of Bronco fans are saying one player is the breaking point is silly. This is a team sport. Don't believe me? Look at how the Colts have fared in the playoffs in their history with Manning. You would think with him alone they'd have 3 or 4 SB's, but their team as a whole wasn't strong enough until 2006.
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