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Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
The Broncos oline is utter garbage. Even Clady who looked like he was going to be a star. Hasn't looked that good recently. You have the worst oline in the Afc West.
I know Peyton manning has a way to make average lines look decent, but he's going to have his work cut out with that oline. Ive seen more talent on my towns high school football team oline, than the Broncos.

Btw spin ity any way you like 42 sacks when you threw it 429 times speaks for itself. (yea go ahead and try and throw it more).

Lets do the math P manning get hits that many times 42, and you might as well start warming up hanie now.
cutler>orton>tebow- we can all agree as a passing QB...

why dont you go have a look at the OL sack numbers with each QB. I will wait.
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