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Originally Posted by Flex Gunmetal View Post
You guys got rid of your only RB capable of playing more than 6 games. So ya McGahee on the field is better than DMC on the bench.

, both players were on IR last year, and a 'healthy' version of DMC is like a raiders fan with a PHD.

DJ is the epitome of average, unfulfilled potential. If doom is suspended, it's likely it wont be till next year. Carson mer might not even make it to the fifth week, but for Denver's sake, I hope he is. 2 firsts+extras for him? lolololol.

Here is the facts. Dmc has missed alot of time to injury. He has had no surgeries. He has very low wear and tear on his body. (24 years old) Again sooner or later he going to play a full year and were talking league MVP.

Both Taiwan Jones(way faster than DMC) and M Goodson are the perfect fit for this stretch zone blocking system. You get these two running in space and its going to be a thing of beauty.(Raiders will be number 1 rushing team this year)

Sorry Buddy there is a very good chance doom is suspended this year, This isn't his first brush with the law. As a raider fan , I hope he isn't suspended when he plays the Raiders. This way there is no need to even throw it. Raider just overpower the undersized Dumberville at the point of attack. See First game.(Raider threw it only twenty times)

NOw Raiders oline only gave up 25 sacks in 2011. They upgraded that oline bigtime. Raiders are playing in WCO offense. That means alot of safe passes to the Rbs and FB. ( those can go a long long way) Than once you start cheating up. Raiders run by your secondary.

So C palmer due to fact the system so Qb friendly , has the oline, a so many weapons around him , and it not a stretch to assume he should have his best season ever as a pro.

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