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Originally Posted by Bacillus Anthracis View Post
I wouldn't be bragging about Ausberry. He had what, one catch last year and didn't even play TE in college. He's a project and was a bad draft pick. We had a good TE in Kevin Boss but we'll be okay because Brandon Myers is capable.

I don't care how big, tall, or fast Ausberry is, he hasn't done anything on the field and most projects and conversions never do. I guarantee Myers will be the best TE on this team this season and probably next.

Besides with the ability of WRs and RBs have, a TE is more valuable as an extra blocker and safety valve.
David Ausberry and R gordon are going to be big weapons for the Raiders next year because this new system is very TE friendly.(this isn't hue Jackson offense- offense goes through the WR) IF that piece of crap Joel dreesen could look decent in Houston Texans offense, you better believe both Raiders Te with actual talent will too.(similar offense)

Every Raider starting QB from Jason Campbell and carson Plamer says Ausberry has a chance to be a star in this league. Everyone knows the KId can catch. The only question with him is , has his blocking improved enough to be the starter. Its immaterial what both Te's put up last year as the offense was totally different.

The raider wr won't put up the numbers because in this offense the backs(Raiders have three of the most explosive) and Te are a big part of the passing offense.

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