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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Nobody's questioning how good he was in 2008. We're questioning how mediocre at best he was in 2009, 2010 and 2012. There comes a time where you have to stop blaming all these other factors around you and acknowledge that either (1) you just had a great rookie season and never adjusted your game [see exhibit a - Eddie Royal] or (2) the off season injury he suffered after his rookie year permanently ruined him.

Sure there's a possibility his play will bounce back due to having Manning and his quick delivery back there. But there's at least an equal chance he'll never get back to that top 5 2008 form. This year will obviously be telling.
Clady was an elite LT in 2009 too, don't know where you're getting the opinion that '09 was "mediocre at best".

He hasn't been the same player since he blew his knee apart. Maybe it has permanently taken away his ability to be an elite player, or maybe he's just never been given a real chance to get back to 100% due to the timing of the injury in 2010 and the abbreviated off-season in 2011. In both years he saw his OL coach change.

Again, him returning to top 5 form is a toss up, but its far more likely than us finding a better replacement on the FA market or in the draft. If he wants top 5 money we can give him that next off-season after we tag him, no harm done. If he's willing to take next tier down, 5-10, money then that is a deal the organization should sign as he's a strong bet to be a top 5-10 LT next season with a very possible payout of him returning to top 5 form and being dominant.
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