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David Ausberry was the top high school recruit in the nation at Wr. He had some injuries at USC. The guy is a beast. A 6'4 265 Te with sub 4.5 speed . (watch what he does in this houston Texans type offense- very Te friendly scheme due to scheme alot of te are going to come free) R Gordon anothyer 6'4 265 with 4.63 is going to also going to have a big year.
I wouldn't be bragging about Ausberry. He had what, one catch last year and didn't even play TE in college. He's a project and was a bad draft pick. We had a good TE in Kevin Boss but we'll be okay because Brandon Myers is capable.

I don't care how big, tall, or fast Ausberry is, he hasn't done anything on the field and most projects and conversions never do. I guarantee Myers will be the best TE on this team this season and probably next.

Besides with the ability of WRs and RBs have, a TE is more valuable as an extra blocker and safety valve.
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