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Francis Daytona

Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
First off jacoby Ford - Fourth rounder. Denarius moore - fifth rounder. and Now Juron Criner- fifth round. That is some great drafting at WR.(what steals) Now DHB starting to play like a first rounder and that wr corp is as explosive as anyone in the game. Not to mention have the youngest offense in the division.

David Ausberry was the top high school recruit in the nation at Wr. He had some injuries at USC. The guy is a beast. A 6'4 265 Te with sub 4.5 speed . (watch what he does in this houston Texans type offense- very Te friendly scheme due to scheme alot of te are going to come free) R Gordon anothyer 6'4 265 with 4.63 is going to also going to have a big year.
You've been a raiders fan for at least 10 years, and you still drink this 'freak athlete with potential' koolaid. Staying true to the deluded retards that have comprised oakland's fan base for the past embarrassing decade.

DHB is not starting to play like a 1st rounder, he can't catch a cold but is fast in a straight line. That's the raider's skill position blueprint.

Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
Wow that was weak. Go ahead and come up with some substance. You going to talk football or you can't. which one is it.
Your grammar, sentence structure, and spelling abilities are comparable to those of a 5th grader.

Not only that, but you type out these long winded dissertations filled with delusions, promises and hope. Perhaps we're both lacking 'substance'.

Your team is a running punchline and has been for a decade. For that, we thank you.
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