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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by ward63 View Post
I have to bring his name up again, but when Clady had Cutler, he was top 3, at least top 5. Can anybody question that? In my estimation, Manning > Cutler with everything except arm strength, especially intelligence pre-snap and post-snap. As somebody pointed out, he messed up his knee, didn't have an offseason and has changed qb's/coaches multiple times. When he is with a top 10 qb, he will be back to his top 5 LT form. (sorry Men's Warehouse) I guarantee it!
Nobody's questioning how good he was in 2008. We're questioning how mediocre at best he was in 2009, 2010 and 2012. There comes a time where you have to stop blaming all these other factors around you and acknowledge that either (1) you just had a great rookie season and never adjusted your game [see exhibit a - Eddie Royal] or (2) the off season injury he suffered after his rookie year permanently ruined him.

Sure there's a possibility his play will bounce back due to having Manning and his quick delivery back there. But there's at least an equal chance he'll never get back to that top 5 2008 form. This year will obviously be telling.
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