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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
We will talk football if you check yourself into re-hab.
Outside of Peyton maning(if he the real peyton manning) Tell me where on offense, the Broncos are not near the bottom in the division.. (RBs- without tebow that running game garbage, WR, and Oline)

Your defense isn't anything to write home about. A healthy DMC and Jamaal Charles and you really think your stopping either running game.

Dummerville will be sacking Bubba in prison. EDJ williams has a nice non pay vaction for six weeks because he a cheater. nah the Broncos are going to be awesome because they can over come anything. Peyton manning might not even make it to the fifth week.

With the money the Bronco had to play with Horse tooth Elway really didn't get bang for his buck. This Denver put all their eggs in one basket. Get use to the basement, you will be there for awhile. (after this blows up in your face)

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