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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
The Raiders were for stops from the worst defense in the league last year and lost Wimbley. The rest of their D-line is on the wrong side of thirty. So how exactly are they better this year? Tell me?

As for their offense, McFadden has never made it through an entire season healthy - ever. Name one RB who was chronically injured his first years in the league who suddenly became durable. The receivers are pretty good, but Carson isn't. He isn't even a top ten QB in this league. And with new coaching staff on offense, there will be fallout. Who's your tight end?

And Britton Colquit out-punted Lechler last year, and our special teams unit ranked better, so no, you don't have "the best kicking game." DJ Williams was never a play maker, and lately when he plays he hasn't played very well. losing him isn't a big setback. And Dumerville isn't going to be suspended six games, no matter how much you hope.
Lets me tell me how raiders defense improves(First off what was Broncos defense in 2010 and where did rank in 2011) Raiders front four with the return of Matt Shaughnessy is the best Dline in the divison(your really going to argue this one) LDE 6'3 305 L houston LDT T Kelly 6'6 305 RDT R seymour 6'6 310 and RDe matt shaughnessy 6'5 270(Ir after third game)

Here is what the raiders did. First Raiders are going to play multiple fronts 4-3 and 3-4 with a variety of coverage packages. Out are the one dimensional pass rushers DE( T Scott , j Moss, K wimbley) that couldn't play the run. IN are two way Dlineman. Desmond Bryant 6'5 290 , David toffelson 6'4 266 , jack Crawford 6'5 274 , Cristo Bilukidi 6'5 311, and travis Ivey 6'4 345

NOW Raiders problems on defense were there LB couldn't cover and they had no depth. (not to mention Mlb played with a leg injury)
You know Dennis allen defense Raiders are going to be blitzing their Lbs and their safeties. Go look at the type of Lb Raiders added. All those guys have coverage ability and can rush the passer. In freeagency. Philip Wheeler( K wimbley replacement at Sslb) He plays very well in zone coverage. He not the passer rusher Wimbley was but he an upgrade at Sslb. Now go look UP Miles Burris, Kaelin Burnett, and nathan Stupar its no accident all three had the highest three cone drill (coverage) out of all the lbs . All are capable of rushing the qb.

NOw Raiders are going to be playing alot more zone this year.(giving a lot of looks) S Routt didn't fit the new scheme. He a man to man cb who was near the top when theyn were playing predominatly man to man(al davis was alive, When davis died they started to incorporate more zone packages. he wasn't good and he dropped like a rock in the rankings. They brought in two zone Cb's Ron bartell 6'1 210 and shawtae Spencer 6'1 190 . Last year rookie Cb's Chimdi Chekwa(very good zone cb) and DVD 6'1 180 . DVD coverage was tight last year but he just didn't turn around and make a play on the ball. Playing off and looking at the Qb he going to be able to get a good break on the ball.

So You have Cb's playing Zone and you they seriously upgraded their coverage ability at LB(playing the passing lanes) . Should make it a lot tougher to exploit this Raider defense.

Raiders have two safeties capable of taking out anyone Te's. Tyvon Branch and M Huff. Huff due to injuries had to play out of place at Cb last year. Both with their 4.3 speed are going to be rushing. (just won't be seven yards back ala Bresnahan defense last year when they do)

DMC has never had surgery. He has low miles on the tires. In this stretch zone blocking scheme he and the other rbs(T Jones and M goodson) are going to do some serious damage. Not to mention are just as dangerous receiving threats. making C palmer job much easier. (alot of safe passes to back).

carson plamer has so much talent on thios Raider ofense. He will be easy a top ten passer and good chance he could be top five. (hes going to have his best season ever,. This offense is very Qb friendly.
Te's. - In Last year offense the Te's were there for blocking and the offense revolved around the Wr be the play makers. So Ausberry didn't play. Ausberry everyone knows can catch. (as a former wr) He now up to265 pounds. (jsut as fast sub 4.5) How he blocks will determine if he the starter. R gordon is the opposite he a great blocker who a very raw receiver at 265 he has 4.63(still very fast) In this TYe friendly offense these guys are going to be weapons.

Kicking game you have to count place Kickers. The Bronco kicking game can't match Shane Lecher and sebastian jankowski.(stop with the nonsense)

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