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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
The Raiders were four stops from the worst defense in the league last year and lost Wimbley. The rest of their D-line is on the wrong side of thirty. So how exactly are they better this year? Tell me?

As for their offense, McFadden has never made it through an entire season healthy - ever. Name one RB who was chronically injured his first years in the league who suddenly became durable. The receivers are pretty good, but Carson isn't. He isn't even a top ten QB in this league. And with new coaching staff on offense, there will be fallout. Who's your tight end?

And Britton Colquit out-punted Lechler last year, and our special teams unit ranked better, so no, you don't have "the best kicking game." DJ Williams was never a play maker, and lately when he plays he hasn't played very well. losing him isn't a big setback. And Dumerville isn't going to be suspended six games, no matter how much you hope.
They have the most athletic, freak of nature TE's the league has ever seen. Didn't you read his post?
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