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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
overall a great synopsis of what should happen..

I do however place a higher value on schedule strength than you do.. and while everyone in the AFCW plays the teams, where they play them is a big factor..

I do think overall we have improved but I also remember that our schedule last years was the LAST place schedule and only eked out an 8-8 WL record..

this year we will be facing the creme de la creme of the league with 6 Play off teams. IIRC

Yes we may have a better WL than the others in the AFCW I hardly think it will be 12-4..

the team I fear the most is KC they have been sucking on teh top talent teat for a long time and for the most part have lacked in the coaching area.. I think Romeo will fix most of that..

the one thing that really jumped out at me was how far the talent level of the bolts seems to have fallen..

they had way more talent just a few years ago and they squashed us like a bug most of the times we played them..
I disagree on Romeo. I think the players will play hard for him since he isn't Todd Haley at first, but when the Crenelling sets in, they will come up short. Romeo is a coordinator.

I do agree that the Chargers have really fallen off. AJ Smith hit on some really good picks a few years ago in Brees, LT, Merriman and Sproles. I don't give him credit for Rivers since he was the boobie prize. All of those guys are gone except Rivers. Meachem and Royal? Please.
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