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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
I'd tread carefully on this if I were the Broncos. PFT had a post about Clady today and his decline statistically, it wasn't pretty. I think he needs to really prove himself this year before he gets seriously paid. He isn't the same and needs to get alot better.
That is an expected trend given the circumstances however.

1. This time in 2010 we weren't sure if Clady would play that year at all. He ended up playing a large portion of the season.

2. This time last year he, like every other player, could not work with the team. This was particularly negative for Clady because last off-season was when he should have been finally getting himself back to 100% after playing 2010 with zero rehab leading into that season.

3. He's changed OL coaches three times in the last three seasons.

4. He's changed QBs 3 times in the last four years.

He's got a QB change this year as well, but definitely for the better. His OL coach from last year is back however and is a damn good coach. He is now in the middle of his first real off-season of working back from his knee injury.

If Clady would sign a top 5-10 LT deal before the season starts the team should jump on it. The chances he's not a top 10 LT at the end of 2012 are pretty low. The chances we could draft or sign someone for less money who's better are even lower. The chances he would out play that deal and establish himself firmly as a top 5 LT are significantly higher than all of the risks. Therefore the payout of hitting is by far bigger than the loss on missing.

Now if Clady wants a top 5 deal TODAY then you hold off until after the season, sure, but you've got to at least try striking a middle of the road deal with him before FA comes up. Then we'd have to franchise tag him and lose a lot of leverage in what are supposed to be our "go for it" years.
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