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I'd offer him something around the range of what the 12th best LT is making. He's had too many seasons of mediocre play to justify a massive extension. One can point to Tebow for a year, but even when he was protecting a pocket passer in Orton before that his play had alot of holes. He simply hasn't been the same since the injury. If he's not interested in making slightly outside of the Top 10 LTs, then we can wait and re-assess the situation in another year to see if his game improves and go from there (revised offer or franchise tag).
"He has had too many seasons of mediocre play"?? Can you define this?

He has been in the league 3 years and made 2 probowls. The only year he did not make the probowl he tore a ligament in his knee in the offseason.

Clady with Manning at QB is going to have a tremendous season and might not even give up ONE sack this year. If you wait until the offseason to try to sign him you are going to have to make him the highest paid LT in NFL history. Denver will not be able to franchise him if they do not have a LT that will be able to step in and play for him when he holds out.

Pay him now and pay him well. Lock him up for the next 6 years.

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