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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by crush17 View Post
Interesting to look at, thanks for the write up.

Pretty shocking to look at who the Raiders actually lost this season. There are a lot of good players in that list.

Also, San Diego did pretty damn well in free agency.

I don't know what to think of this division this year. I think the Chiefs will be better than a lot of us think, and it is so hard to predict the Broncos. I feel like I am almost too excited about the team they've built this season. Honestly if things click and the potential is realized, the Broncos will be a seriously good team. I optimistically say the floor is 10 wins and ceiling is probably about 12.
Not sure on SD. They took Chiefs FB but their replacement of CLayton and Jackson doesnt seem up to par. If Royal helps them with their return game will be a plus as he wont be returning any against the Chargers now.
Chiefs stay healthy with a better schedule than the others can help. Romeo being head coach might not.

Good job Kaylore!
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