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For the millionth time, there is such a thing as the franchise tag. Nobody else can even talk to him.

And if some team wants to make him the highest paid OLineman in history after we're done with him, then that can only mean that this year he plays like the best OLineman in history and we reap the benefits. He certainly hasn't even been in the top 5 the last 2+ years, so he's going to have to literally be the best in the league this year to merit that kind of contract.
You do understand Clady does not have to sign the franchise tag. Do you understand that? All Clady has to do is not sign the Franchise tag and holdout. How long will the Broncos be able to go into the season with Clady not being there? Do you know who Denver's back up LT is?

Clady is too important to try to Franchise because if he refuses to sign it and holds out Denver is in no position to call his bluff.

If you hadn't noticed The Saints tried to franchise Brees. How did that work out for them? Oh yeah Brees got a $25 million a year contract that is how. If the Saints would have signed him last year to $20 million a year they would have saved a lot of money and a lot of bad PR.

Get Clady in make him the highest paid OT in the NFL and move on!!!! Because if they try to franchise him next year all he has to do is not sign the contract and then hold out and Denver will have to give him everything he wants or go into the season without him.
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