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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by ward63 View Post
I would say pay him now while his stock is a little low,
They tried. The offers from either side aren't even close enough to pretend like they're going to get something done in the near future. Time to shelve it until Clady comes to his senses.

Originally Posted by ward63 View Post
but if we let him hit the market, somebody is going to overpay for him (ie-Jeremy Lin) and then we are back to square one.
Let them. Better someone else overpay than us.

Originally Posted by ward63 View Post
Peyton made marginal/average linemen look great
Precisely why we shouldn't overpay him.

Originally Posted by ward63 View Post
Give him the extension or face way too many questions for a key position that protects our franchise.
Again, they tried. The team, like most sane folks, are most likely trying to lowball a little you said....his stock is at a low right now. Clady is probably looking for top 5 left tackle money. He clearly isn't worth that today.

Worst case, we franchise him next year. The only way he walks is if he sucks this year and still wants top money. They'll never let him go if he plays like he's capable of playing this season.
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