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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I say let him play this season out at 3.5. If he sucks, you can let him walk or offer him a reduced contract. If he plays out of this world, you can tag him or offer him a respectable contract, let him walk and take the compensatory pick.
Seems like a reasonable position for them to take. Reading between the lines, I would be willing to bet that contract talks have stalled because Clady wants to get paid on his pre-injury top 3 LT in the league form from a few years ago. If he thrives with Peyton at the helm and regains his status as a top 5 LT, break the bank and sign him to a long term deal. If he struggles in an offense with one of the most cerebral, hardest to sack QB's in the leauge, then he's probably never going to return to an elite level of play.
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