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Originally Posted by jerseyguy4 View Post
I read the Dune series but wasn't as big a fan as some here. There are some big time and generation gaps between books (making each book it's own story). It didn't have that "series" feel to it, for me.

You could say it finished properly, because each book was its own story. But I don't think that term really applies to Dune.

Jordan's Wheel of Time is a continuous story. As others said, he did die before it ended, but purposely left all the detail to have a successor complete it. Brandon Sanderson has finished thee LAST book and it comes out in January. As diverse and sprawling as any story can be, it is still truly awesome.

Earlier in this thread I also mentioned Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth. It's a bit more simple than either Martin or Jordan, but quite good nonetheless. I thought the series started off a little predictable, but the books (and Goodkind's writing) got better as they went along. Book 6 (Faith of the Fallen) was one of my favorite books of any series, or any genre for that matter.

One more good one - Sharon Kay Penman - Here be Dragons. It's a historical fiction 3 book series. Set around 1100-1200 AD in England and Wales. Short review -> it's awesome.

On a sour note, anyone read or like Terry Brooks Shannara series? I read most of them. I thought they were terrible. Simple, predictable, cookie cutter, and boring. Funny part is I read at least 7 of them, maybe 9, until I finally called it quits. I was just hooked on series books at the time.
Thanks for the release date on the last WOT - I had not heard that. Also thanks for the "Here be Dragons" - i like historical fiction as a changeup. Ever read Guy Gavriel Kay?

I gave up on Goodkind after the 3rd book. Seemed like he was going all Ayn Rand, and I couldn't hang.

And yeah - Terry Brooks sucks. Only ever read one of 'em - way back in the day.. Was the first one called "Sword of Shanara? I think that was it.
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