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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
That's awesome....winning a car and being on the field with all of those players would have made it an epic you got to experience it with your Dad.

It was so hot and miserably humid at the 2005 game and I sat by myself before meeting up with everyone later and standing to watch the game from a poor vantage point sucked. Only being able to get single seating tickets made a big difference in the enjoyment level.

It really never cooled off all night and that can make for a miserable time, as I hate humid 90+ degree weather. It was still a good time, but didn't meet my own expectations, partially due to the reasons I mentioned.

The players you listed in the 1998 game are the ones I would love to have seen and grew up watching. I got to see some great players, but not like the list you had in 1998.

That's a once in a lifetime experience you had....something you and your Dad will always remember.

BTW....what kind of car did he win?
Yeah, looking back, that 1998 All Star team had a ton of HOF talent playing, some I didn't think would be HOFers at that point too. Derek Jeter was in his 3rd year, Chipper Jones his 4th, Jim Thome, and looking now they are surefire HOFers.
I will always remember that 1998 All Star game, I still have the magazine and scorecard for that game.
Years later, I was able to get Roberto Alomar to sign a pic of me, him, and my dad taken when we were presented the keys. Best autograph I have in my collection, and I have a ton.
The car was a Mercedes SLK 230.
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