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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
The only one who is laughable is you, sheepstud. Every time you make a point in this thread, it is immediately refuted. This last exchange is a perfect example. I point out some of your recent predictions and you somehow claim I quoted you from four years ago and accuse me of hypocrisy. I point out they aren't from four years ago and you don't even acknowledge it. You just say "well it's still dumb." What's dumb about it? All I did was quote YOU. So in that sense it was pretty dumb.

I mean you have had your ass kicked all over the place in this thread and you just move on with your next idiotic post. And it's like you're not even trying. Do you have any idea how bad you have done in this thread? And it's all in black and white for all to see and go back and review for a chuckle.

Way to go.
I see you're hiding behind your "Xanders and McD are gonna be just fine here" comment.

Refuting is as something you said three years ago doesn't mean you didn't say it. Grow a sack. Own up.

And bringing up the Manning at 50% post is laughable considering I'm not saying Manning isn't the best QB in the division. If you actually read my post (big stretch for you), you'd see I'm saying the talent surrounding Manning isn't all that great and the schedule is murders row.

Oh and trying to act like a tough guy on the internet is a bad look for a Star Trek nerd like yourself.

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