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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
3 whole pitches in 3 freaking minutes. A minute for the catcher to call signals and a batter to "check himself", walk around and do God only knows what after a pitch when he didn't even swing. Rick Reilly wrote a recent article for SI that did a full breakdown of a recent game he watched from start to finish and showed how many pace of play rules are being broken now by pitchers and batters, making games essentially unwatchable. I agreed with every word and I'm a huge fan of the sport. Here's the link:
Unwatchable to some. I've read the article before, and I can identify with it...I just think it's a dumb point of view based on the desire for instant gratification. Baseball is not a "me want now" sport. The beauty of it, however, is that people can enjoy it on the level of "ooh look at the pretty home runs", something much deeper, or anything in between. My parents and my family can go to a game together and my Dad and I can watch the game intently and my wife and mother-in-law can barely pay attention, and my son can watch the game, cheer when everyone else cheers, and just enjoy the sights, sounds and smells.

When I watch a game, the only time I think "Jesus just throw the damned ball" is when they throw over to first a million times. I understand that some people feel it's too slow, but the pace is just right for me.
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