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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Yeah Sheepstud isn't great with the predictions. Remember this one?

We know how that ended.

When the offseason began, Sheepstud was harping about it didn't matter how good we were getting because "Tebow would be exposed" this season.

Then when Manning was released he said this before the we signed him.

After signing him, suddenly Sheepstud is asserting our entire team has "no talent" and Manning won't make a difference at all.

No one back-peddles on this site more than Sheepstud.

As a side note, It did find this quote odd.

He knew it was moot, not mute, then. Not sure why he spelled it wrong twice just a few months later...
And who could forget this timeless beauty right after Xanders and McD were hired?

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I'll wait and see who they replace Herm with before I start worrying. We have our GM and Coach and we're just fine.
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