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Wesley Woodyard

Originally Posted by crazyhorse View Post
Why mention it? It doesn't apply. You guys say the Chiefs are one of the worst teams in history. I say "scoreboard". I say "as bad as we are, we can still whip your ass".

Pretty straight forward.
You are an idiot. Scoreboard SCOREBOARD SCOREBOARD MOTHER ****ER. WE BEAT YOUR ASS BY MORE POINTS IN YOUR HOME AND THEN WENT TO THE MOTHER****ING PLAYOFFS. You went home to diddle your hampsters. There's your ****ing scoreboard douchebag.

Total scoreboard of the two games played in 2011 between Broncos and Chiefs - Broncos 20 Chiefs 17. Split series. We won the division. We destroyed you with two passes and then we embarrassed ourselves at home. Be proud Mr. Chief. Be proud. Your life sucks.

Keep grasping at straws that make you feel better though.
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