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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Well let's see , realistically it wouldn't have been too much to have traded up from #3 to #1 overall in '09 to select Stafford, especially given that Cutler was moved prior to draft...I can realistically see a pre-draft trade the Lions trading their #1 overall for your #3 and another pick, or player (not that you got alot of good ones) and the Chiefs select Stafford...and then the Lions could've traded their #3 pick they acquired thru Chiefs for Cutler or failing in that, another QB

Realistically you could have drafted Dalton this past season....he wasn't selected but 8 picks after your team drafted at 26 overall. Not much of a reach given how well he performed in '11 as a rookie. sure he's only had one season, but he shows alot of promise wouldn't you agree?

Realistically drafting Sanchez at #3 overall wouldn't have been stupid considering he's led Jets to not one but two conference title game appearances. And while he might have sucked as a head coach, Haley was a pretty decent guy who probably could have done more with a QB like Sanchez.

so realistically speaking, you're not correct in claiming nobody was available
The Lions wanted Stafford and nobody else with that pick. You don't trade a pick when you think you have a franchise QB in your grasp. And everyone knows that franchise needed him. No way they were going to give him up.

Mark Sanchez is almost the same exact QB Matt Cassel is. Sanchez had outstanding surrounding talent in his early years and relied heavily on it.
Now there are people who would take Cassel over Sanchez, because Sanchez has been so incredibly average last year.
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