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Originally Posted by errand View Post
the Bengals with the wait and see (your words, not mine) Dalton playing
QB? That went 1-8 vs teams with a winning record last season? Surely you jest.....

the Panthers played alot of 30-24 kind of games last season....and that tells me while their offense improved, their defense isn't keeping pace.

The Falcons won 4 of their 10 wins vs rookie QB's...beating the likes of Ponder, Newton twice and Gabbert.....oh, and this isn't Manning's first rodeo
Bengals have a top 10 defense and really strong weapons on offense.
Panthers will most likely have the best running game in the league along with a good defensive coach.
Falcons are still a strong team.

Saying that beating those teams on the road will be easy is plain stupid.

And let's also not forget that your team beat 2 rookie QB's, Caleb Hanie, Tyler Palko, and the worst team in the league at the time (Miami), so let's not act like the team surrounding Manning is full of world beaters.
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