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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Here are some QBs Chiefs could have landed:
Michael Vick

Peyton Manning (IND) -
Matt Flynn (GB) -
Kyle Orton (DEN) Did get him and then let him go.
Jason Campbell (OAK) - Not sure if improvement
Donovan McNabb (MIN) - Good for a year or two when available

Stanzi is your only QB draft pick in the last few years. I would be gun shy too if the last high pick was Croyle!

We got Peyton because the Front Office sold him enough to land him. He wanted to go to a franchise he thought had a chance. He obviously didn't think KC was in the same ballpark. Why? Just look at the name of this thread.
Vick would have been stupid. The backlash would have been enormous. Plus he is fragile.
Orton took starting QB money to be a backup, and he's about the same as Cassel anyway.
Campbell is average and isn't definitively better QB than Cassel.
McNabb sucks at that point in his career.
Peyton was never a realistic chance.

So ragging on Pioli for not getting a great QB thus far is laughable. Every QB on that list (save Vick) isn't much of an upgrade at all at this point in their careers.

Cassel was the best realistic option KC has had since Pioli has gotten here, and going through a rebuilding phase he hasn't been that bad, considering the bad supporting cast he's had up to now.
Pioli will be judged on the QB that he gets to replace Cassel.
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