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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Yeah, we got one of the toughest schedules...but we've also got one of the best QB's now...

I think we can win between 10-12 games this season, and that's taking in to account our tough schedule

Looking at it, we play your sad sack of a team, the Chargers, and Raiduhs twice which puts us at 4-2 worst case scenario...

perhaps we lose to the Patriots, and split with the Ravens, Saints, Texans, Steelers...that puts us at 6-5, worst case....

I doubt very seriously that we lose to the Bucs, Browns, Bengals, Panthers, or the Falcons (yeah they went 10-6, but 4 of their wins came against rookie QB's)...

that puts us at 11-5...which in my opinion means we'll end up between 10-12 wins.
And yet we will still split the series.

And you are underestimating the Bengals, Panthers, and Falcons.
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