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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Really? You do realize Josh wanted Matt Cassell, and was willing to give up Jay Cutler, don't you?

Your genius Pioli could have swung a deal to land Cutler couldn't he albeit going against conventional wisdom that one never trades within their own division?

Not to mention Kurt Warner was available....he'd have been closer to his old home St. Louis...

He also could have made a deal with the Lions, and traded up to get Stafford...or draft Sanchez with the 3rd overall pick in '09

he could have used the 26th overall pick this past season and selected Andy Dalton, correct?

All of those mentioned have outperformed Matt Cassell....
1. You're high if you think Bowlen was going to trade Cutler to KC and see him twice a year.
2. Detroit wasn't giving up Stafford. It was very obvious they wanted and needed him.
3. Sanchez would have been an epic failure with KC in 2009. He's a bad QB who's about to get replaced by Tebow. Taking him at 3 would have been stupid.
4. Andy Dalton is a wait and see. Having a great surrounding cast last year helped him out big time, just like it helped out Cassel in 2010. Dalton has not outperformed Cassel by any measure.
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