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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by crazyhorse View Post
On the contrary. Almost to a man you have all ignored the fact that in the last meeting, you lost. You may have beat the Steelers. You may have won a playoff game.

But the Chiefs you mock, beat you. We dominated you on defense.

Besides....with that circus you guys were runnin last year, can you really be pointing fingers at other teams?

Anywho, carry on.
So, the Chiefs dont suck because they won a game vs us? I like the "You may have beat the Steelers.." as if that washes out any compliment to our season. Hell, Packers lost to a 0-12 team (or something close to that) of the Colts back in 1996 and still won the Super Bowl! Do you think the Colts fans were dumb enough to go to their fan forums (yes Chiefs fans, some of us outside KC had internet connections back in the beginning of 1997) and say that the Packers suck because they got beat by them?

While it was a circus last season, we still were able to not only win the division but win a playoff game. What does it say about your "normal, non circus" season of 2011?

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Tebow, who was drafted by the other regime, was the reason your season wen t so well (along with beating losing teams on a last place schedule).

The team Elway took over was vastly more talented than the one Pioli took over.
Soooo, improving by 4 games is not a sign of improvement? What about your easy schedule for 2010 and then we saw the real Chiefs in 2011, are you going to use the schedule as an excuse? The last place schedule compared to 1st place isnt for all 16 games. In fact, you have 6 games that are exactly the same for all 4 teams. How about kicking ass on those games that make a 2 game swing in the standings?

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