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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
We have gone into seasons with much more optimism than any Chiefs fan can ever get. I like to measure the disappointment of a team sucking. If it is being knocked out with 4 games to play or not winning that playoff game, Chiefs own the suckage. Everyone plays for the SB ring and trophy but we are talking about who sucks. We have 1 more SB trophy and also you guys suck. That is what this thread is about. Don't set the bar way up high just to satisfy your craving to have your team accepted as the Non Suck. It doesn't work that way. Your team has pretty much sucked. That is what the thread is about. You have been able to drag this to 23 pages and still have not been able to convince one person that the Chiefs do indeed No Suck. You have proven that you will make any excuse and change your opinion on what is sucky and what is non sucky throughout this thread. I congratulate you on the fight but you still get an F. Why? Because the Chiefs suck and there is nothing you can say to convince the masses otherwise. Good day sir, you have been served.
Is that so? Because the last 20 years, KC fans have had a lot to be excited about. The 90's were a time KC was in SB conversation nearly every year. The Vermeil years were exciting years too, and there were times where they were in the SB conversation as well, so you saying the Chiefs have been the Royals of the last 20 years is laughable and stupid on your part, but I expect nothing less.

The first 37 years of your existence, you were the epitome of failure. It wasn't until 1997 that your city rejoiced in a championship.
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