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Simon Fletcher

KCDud and now Crazyhorse need to come to the conclusion from the first page; Chiefs suck! We are not talking about 1 game or 1 season. We are talking about the entire franchise from almost the very beginning! Now maybe sucks is a little harsh but we are comparing the Chiefs to the Broncos and the feelings of the whole league. THEY HAVE NOT WON A PLAYOFF GAME SINCE 1993! Add they have not been to the Super Bowl in 40 years! 40 years!!!! Teams that joined the league after their last SB appearance have been in the SB. Seattle and Carolina to name 2.
Not too hard to do more of it before this thread but you guys are a joke. More so than your Chiefs team. I understand you want to stick up for the **** they call KC Chiefs but you are doing it wrong. By that I mean you open your mouth, you are wrong. This thread would have died if you didnt play a defensive lawyer.....that has failed. Judge and jury has seen the evidence. Chiefs are GUILTY of being the sucks and you have failed trying to convince Broncos fans otherwise.
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