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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
Hanna Montana was so clutch that Bill Walsh traded for Steve Young in 1987. He was so clutch that they dumped his ass like trash and stole a first round draft pick from kansas city in the process. Mean while the 9ers go on to win another ring sans Hanna Montana Steve Young breaking all his single game records.

Hanna takes over a chefs team that made the playoffs the season prior at (10-6) goes 8-3 in eleven starts the chefs finish (11-5). The biggest offseason acquisition wasn't Hanna, it was the player voted the teams MVP who scored more touchdowns than montana..His name?

Marcus Allen.

WTG Hanna you led the chefs to one more victory than Dave Krieg!

Trying to make fun of Joe Montana is hilarious. What's even more hilarious is you trying so hard to do it.

Never lost a SB and was as clutch as clutch can be. And it's likely Manning won't do much more than Tebow did with the Broncos. Not with his daddy (Bill Belicheck) around.
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