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Originally Posted by scorpio View Post
So why don't you explain what happened, or point to a thread where it's been addressed? Then everyone is satisfied, no?
It has been discussed in several and more than addressed. Even the mods have spoken on it.

Its in the archives so its hard to read.

EDIT: Found the actual thread

Read Broncoman13's posts, he even coordinated through Taco and the Mods. If anyone has questions feel free to PM. This is a thread for tsiguys's league not the other one.

In that thread here is Broncoman13's response:

It sounds like miscommunication. Is it too late to fix this so everyone leaves happy?

For the record though, enough people have vouched that I absolutely believe it was user error on Doggcow's part. Too bad that it was because what should've been a good time was ruined by it but, no less, it appears that this was an isolated incident. Thanks for clearing that up and restoring confidence. Even if it did turn messy...
Gonna get more messy. I just contacted league safe. Card was delivered to the requested address and the card now shows no balance. Plus I have PMs from his brother confirming that they got it squared away. Odd that this is just coming up 6 months later. I would have been raising hell weekly if I was out that much in prizes.

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