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Originally Posted by Stuck in Cali View Post
When you become a fan, and argue for a certain team. You are either all in, or a bandwagon jumper.

Team history, is exactly what it is, History. Without it you know nothing about the team. The past is just as important as the future when your talking about a NFL franchise.

Again by you saying team history doesn't mean jack ****, you have no points to argue here, or should quote any stats of any team at all.

With the hole your digging yourself into, how close to China are you? Because it looks to be a big deep hole.
Please do tell what the 1970 Chiefs have to do with the 2012 Chiefs? History matters, but it has nothing to do with the modern day teams unless you're the Steelers or a small handful of other teams.

2012 Chiefs have a different owner, GM, coaching staff, system, everything. So thinking that the Chiefs are going to be terrible like they used to be simply because they were for a long time is the stupidest of stupid assumptions that only a brokeback mt fan would suggest.
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