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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post

good lord you are an idiot. You throw out all these numbers that basically go back about 20 years or so and then you say you ignore the 80s because your team sucked and you choose to focus on the Marty Shottenheimer years as the "glory days." I'm not assuming anything, you are framing your own history. Again, selective memory.
Never said ignore the 80's. Again you fail to read. Just stop while you're ahead slappy.

I didn't "choose to focus on anything". I didn't watch the Chiefs in the 80's because I wasn't alive or I was too young to understand. What part of that do you not understand? Do I need to draw pictures for you like a small child?

I didn't go through the rough 20 years of never being competitive like morons like you seem to claim. In fact I saw the Chiefs go to the playoffs every year in the beginning.

So this whole concept of you thinking my team has completely sucked like the Royals and never were competitive enough to have a winning season in my lifetime is pure garbage.

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