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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Team history means jack ****. If it did, the Broncos wouldn't have won a SB in the 90's because they never could 37 years before.
millions of sports fans, writers, athletes would disagree. You are saying Boston Celtics, Lakers, New York Yankees, Steelers, teams with many many championships in different decades means something. It even means something to the players today. Players on teams with great traditions and history play harder, it means more to them. You think some new player on the Steelers thinks he can get away with being a turd on the field? Hell no he realizes that the players, the fans, the owners know what a good player looks like.

You get over to teams with just really poor histories, like the Chiefs, and the atmosphere is completely different. It's like no one really cares if you go 6-10 and miss playoffs.

You can say they don't matter to you because you are young and didn't watch back then, but that only shows what a noob to football you are. You should just sit back and learn.

Having said that the Queefs have a nice roster. Olilne should be pretty good, secondary is good and they have a few nice players in the front 7.

Still though your QB is not in the top 20 even league wide and if a QB driven league. So he can really make or break you based on just not completing a 3rd down pass when he should.

If Charles goes back to making huge plays, which i sort of hope he does hes on my fantasy team, then they will be tough to beat.

Otherwise I think they go down hard because they won't get enough from the QB spot.

IMO Orton better then Cassel.

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