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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Yes and that is something I can't wait to see, as I have seen every one of my favorite teams win one (Thunder will win one soon that's a given) except KC.

Well, when debating football...nobody cares about the NBA, or MLB

To think that KC is the same team as they were in the 70's and 80's (which I don't give a **** about because I wasn't alive) is stupid.

Well, actually, what's stupid is you thinking they're not....and you should know your team's history...I wasn't a Broncos fan until '74...but I know who Scotty Glacken was....

I love it that people act like I've watched the team for 40 years without seeing them win a SB.'ve watched them for about 20 years without seeing them IN a SB...let alone winning one.

In my lifetime, KC's had some very good teams most of the time. 90's had great teams, the Vermeil years were good teams.

Good, yes...but obviously not good enough. Since the Chiefs SB win after 1969 season you've gone 3-11 in the post-season, including losing 5 straight

I think our new GM has done a good job of building one of the worst football teams I've ever seen (thank you King Carl) into a very strong team.
QB isn't figured out yet, but then again, has Pioli had a real opportunity to draft one? Nope.

You're better now than you were a few seasons ago..but you're gonna need to find a way to keep your better players outta the Mayo Clinic

I don't care about how bad KC was for a long time from the 1970 to 1989. What I care about is the here and now, and I think the team is definitely on its way up. With a good QB, KC is a 13-3 team IMO.

Knowing your team's history is important....knowing how bad the Broncos were in the 60's and early 70's makes our success since '76 all that much more exciting.....and unfortunately for you, you don't have a good QB.

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