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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
The talent on the Elways teams was clearly enough to make it to the SB, so quit crying about it. Elway couldn't get it done in the big game until his 15th season.
Montana was clutch for 2 teams. He beat Elway at his own game as a Niner and as a Chief.
And he had 2 come from behind wins in the playoffs as a Chief. He's the most clutch QB ever.
why does everyone feel they have to trash one hall of fame QB in order to make their favorite QB seem "better"....Neither Montana or Elway need apologize for their careers...both were excellent QB's who won alot more than they lost.

But for you to say he was the most clutch ever? You evidently have never heard of Otto Graham...took his team to 6 consecutive NFL title bouts and won 3 of them...including his first year playing in the NFL. Add in the 4 AAFC titles he won...that makes 7 titles in the 10 seasons he played professionally. Add in his one season of basketball he played (Rochester Royals who eventually became today's Sacramento Kings) where he won a championship as well...he was an astounding 8 for 11 in title bouts.

Montana isn't even KC's best Qb ever...that distinction goes to Len Dawson, who took you to two SB's and won one....

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