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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
put Elway behind all of Joe Montana's lines in San Francisco and Montana behind all of Elway's lines in Denver. Nothing much changes in San Francisco, but by the age of 28 Montana is either dead or selling life insurance.

Give Elway Roger Craig Tom Rathman Brent Jones John Taylor and Jerry Rice. Not to Mention Bill Walsh, George Seifert and Bob "leg whip" McKittrick. Hanna Montana can have Sammy Winder, Clarence Kay, Mark Jackson and Vance Johnson...oh and Dan Reeves

The talent on the Elways teams was clearly enough to make it to the SB, so quit crying about it. Elway couldn't get it done in the big game until his 15th season.
Montana was clutch for 2 teams. He beat Elway at his own game as a Niner and as a Chief.
And he had 2 come from behind wins in the playoffs as a Chief. He's the most clutch QB ever.
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